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The Membership of the Association shall be open to all CBSE affiliated school Managements in Kerala and approved by the Executive Committee.

Admission of Members
  • Any CBSE affiliated School in Kerala state is eligible for admission as a Member of the Association if it has applied for the membership by filling up the prescribed application and the same is approved by the Executive Committee.
  • On receipt of the completed application form along with prescribed non-refundable admission fee Rs. 500/- enrollment will be made. The decision of the Executive committee will be informed to the concerned.
  • Each member shall nominate two persons to represent in the General Body and shall exercise one vote only.
  • Association membership shall be granted to those School Managements who have obtained NOC or applied for NOC from the Government of Kerala and those who have applied for and are awaiting CBSE affiliation and duly approved by the Executive Committee. However, they shall have no right until they obtain the full membership.
  • The Annual Subscription shall be Rs.3000/- for members and Rs.3000/- for associate members.
Cessation of Membership

A member ceases to be so;

  • On resignation of membership
  • On expulsion by the General Body.
  • By default of payment of subscription
  • By withdrawal of CBSE affiliation.
Expulsion of members

Any member found to be harmful or acting prejudicial to the interest of the Association shall be expelled by the General Body, after giving the member an opportunity of being heard and on the recommendation by the Executive Committee.